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in the Diocese of Hereford

Welcome to our ancient churches…

The Wenlock Team consists of thirteen Church of England parishes (with fourteen churches) in beautiful rural mid-Shropshire. The Team area stretches from the south-eastern boundary of Shrewsbury to south of Wenlock Edge, and along the Corvedale to Stanton Long.

You’re welcome at all the services in our churches (click here for details of Service Times). Many of our churches are also open for visitors at other times.


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Favourite Links

barbul1e   www.muchwenlockchurch.co.uk Click for more information on Holy Trinity, Much Wenlock

barbul1e   http://www.muchwenlockguide.info  Click for more information on Much Wenlock and surrounding area

barbul1e   www.friendsofberringtonchurch.weebly.com  Click for more information on the Berrington Appeal

barbul1e  http://www.wenlock-olympian-society.org.uk/ DR WILLIAM PENNY BROOKES inspiration for the modern Olympics

barbul1e  http://www.muchwenlockfestival.co.uk  Click for information about the Wenlock Festival

barbul1e   http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=10475 Click for Ancient Cross and Wells

barbul1e   http://www.virtual-shropshire.co.uk/ Click for information about the area surrounding our churches

barbul1e   http://www.hereford.anglican.org  Click for more information on The Diocese of Hereford

barbul1e  http://www.hereford.anglican.org/prayerdiary.aspx  Prayer Diary for Diocese of Hereford

barbul1e   http://www.cofe.anglican.org/ Click to go to the Church of England’s web site


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Who’s Who in the Wenlock Team

Fr Stephen - Picture

Revd Preb Stephen Lowe

Team Rector

The Rectory
Much Wenlock
TF13 6EQ

(: 01952 727396



Responsible for:

Holy Trinity, Much Wenlock

Holy Trinity, Bourton

St Peter, Easthope

St James, Shipton

St Michael and All Angels, Stanton Long




Team Vicar



Please contact Team Rector

Responsible for:

All Saints’, Berrington
with St Margaret, Betton Strange

St Peter, Cound

Christ Church, Cressage

St Peter and St Paul, Sheinton

St Mary, Harley

St John the Baptist, Kenley

St John the Baptist, Hughley

St John the Baptist, Church Preen


Associate Minister

Revd John Cumberland

Priory Cottage

The Bull Ring

Much Wenlock


TF13 6HS

(: 01952 727386

John Cumberland Picture

Email:  jacumberland@btinternet.com


Licensed Reader in the Wenlock Team

Mr Paul Trenberth

Paul Trenberth Picture

Email: paul@trenberth.co.uk


Associates of the Team

Revd David Janes

01952 727393

Revd Henry Watson

01952 728794

Revd Mike Kinna

01952 881169

Readers Emeritus

Dr Trevor Hill and Mr Roy Cox


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